Gluten Free Matzo

by Danielle Leavitt

Matzo, pronounced “mat-zah,” is a special type of bread made with no yeast or leavening. It is the traditional bread of the Jewish holiday Passover, which will be celebrated this year on April 22nd, lasting for 8 days. The history of matzo goes back to when a Pharaoh governed Egypt and the Jewish people living in the land were his slaves. The Pharaoh decided at one point to exile the slaves. Story goes that they left to cross the Sinai desert to the land of Canaan in such haste, that they had no time for their bread to rise, and thus matzo was born! Flour is used as a main ingredient along with water, oil, and salt. Finally, there is now a gluten free counterpart to those that have this dietary restriction!


Ingredients in gluten free matzo are tapioca starch, water, potato starch, potato flakes, palm oil, natural vinegar, honey, egg yolks, and salt. These flat bread matzos can be used to make sandwiches, a matzo egg scramble, or just eaten plain. They are great tasting and only 125 calories per piece! A gluten free Passover is now possible!



A Recap of Passover and Easter Eating

Whether you went home this weekend for the holidays, or stayed on campus, we’re sure you ate some delicious food.  The Crimson Crave has compiled a collection of pictures of meals that several members of the Harvard community enjoyed over the Easter/Passover holiday.  Bring on the food porn!

Orlea Miller ’16

Charoset is one of the foods traditionally eaten during the Passover Seder, and many families have their own special way of making it. The basic recipe includes chopped fruit, nuts, grape juice or wine, and spices. Its burnt red color and nutty texture symbolize the mortar used by the ancient Israelites to assemble bricks when they were enslaved in Egypt.

everything mixed

Rachel Talamo ’18

Dessert, dinner and brunch from Passover in Montreal!

A scrumptious dessert called “il flotant”


Stuffed cornish game hen, asparagus, sweet potato, apple, chestnuts, cranberries, and fruit sauce



Hard-boiled eggs with avocado and greens; smoked salmon with asparagus, butter lettuce, onions, avocado, and cream sauce; greek yogurt with berries and maple syrup

Annelie Hermann ’18

These are “sunflower cupcakes,” garnished with an Oreo, green frosting, and orange/yellow frosting applied with a ziploc bag. Very spring-like, indeed!

Sunflower Cupcake

Caroline Gentile ’17

Every Easter brunch, my mom makes french toast, and she recently just found a delicious recipe for overnight french toast with raspberries and orange in Ina Garten’s new cookbook, Foolproof.  The sweet tartness of the raspberries and orange perfectly cut the rich egg-y taste of the challah bread and custard.

Raspberry-Orange Overnight French Toast
Raspberry-Orange Overnight French Toast

For dessert, we had coconut cupcakes with coconut buttercream frosting, garnished with egg-shaped M&Ms.  The recipe can be found on!

Coconut Cupcakes