Step Aside, There’s A New Coffee in Town

by Allison Yan ’19

There’s nothing quite like our beloved Clover. The brightly lit space. The open, airy atmosphere. And the food. Did I mention the food?

A Harvard staple, Clover is well-known for its carefully made food and top-quality coffees. Friday was a special day for Clover, as the restaurant introduced Four Barrel Coffee to their wonderful drinks lineup. I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Clover manager, Lynn, about their new coffee (coming all the way from Ethiopia!) over a delicious complimentary cider donut.

Full disclosure: I’m not by any means a coffee aficionado. Fortunately, Lynn gave me a very helpful rundown of Four Barrel Coffee and what Clover looks for in its coffee roasters. I’ve compiled her advice in a list that will hopefully be helpful to my fellow Clover addicts.

  • Clover selects its roasters very deliberately.

It’s not just a random selection, or whichever roaster is the most affordable. Clover doesn’t feature any type of coffee unless someone has personally visited the roastery. They consider how the roaster treats their beans, the equipment, and the staff before deciding whether to bring it back to its Boston-area restaurants.

  • Four Barrel Coffee was hand-picked by Clover’s owner!

Ayn himself endorsed this coffee.

  • African coffees are distinctively different from Latin American coffees.

African coffees tend to be fruitier in nature, with a mix of multiple flavors, while Latin American coffees tend to have a smokier taste.

  • Four Barrel’s beans hail from Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia.

These beans really are special. The flavor of this coffee is described as “lemony, earthy, with a thick body.” Just enough fruitiness to make you nostalgic of warmer days, and more than enough satisfying earthiness to warm you up.

  • Light or medium roast is the way to go.

Four Barrel beans are delicate and have a uniquely lovely taste. It would be a shame if a dark roast was used and all you tasted was the burn of the roast. Light or medium roast will best allow the flavors to sink in.

  • Four Barrel Coffee has been a Clover staff favorite since it arrived.

It’s even made using the pour-over method! Therefore, it’s good. Trust me.


I know I’ll be back to try Clover’s new coffee as well as my old favorites. In any case, move aside, large coffee chains. Clover is making a name for itself as a seller of some of the best coffee in the world.

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