The Crema English Muffin: A Reason to Make Your 9am Class

By Adam Wong ‘17 and Dana Ferrante ‘17


Just when you are about to give up hope-you’ve eaten out at every semi-affordable place in the Square and all that’s left is eating your way through CVS’ snack aisle- something, a miracle, occurs. That miracle is the Crema english muffin. Yes, a simple english muffin, and probably the singular best deal in Harvard Square that has ever existed.

photo 1

Amidst the warm-lighting and coffee scented mist of Crema Cafe, the english muffin is certainly not the most exotic-sounding menu item. With the enticing Crema classics, such as the sweet potato sandwich or banana date walnut bread, it’s hard to imagine anyone would think to order something as basic as an english muffin. This, however, is not the english muffin you were forced to eat at Brain Break when everything else was gone, but on the same level as your Mom’s english muffins if she were GOD. England, a country famous for its bad food, is undeserving of these esteemed muffins. Better would be King muffin, Saint muffin, or just Obama.

photo 2

Now here’s what’s going to happen: you order an english muffin with jam and butter on the side because that way they give you MOARRR. Then, you’ll have the choice of apricot or raspberry jam—we recommend apricot if you want a more supple experience, and raspberry if you want a razmataz to balance out the fat.

photo 3

Once you get it, ask for more butter. This is essential. Then, take the specimen to whatever table space you can find and commence the critical operation. Butter first. Jam second. Bite third. Notice the extreme complexity of the crust simply made with a misunderstanding of how much butter is a good idea.

photo 4

These muffins are made by first cutting flour into mounds of butter, kneading the dough, and letting it rise. They are then baked in a popover pan with even more butter, and finally eaten with a fine and generous spread of gratuitous butter. At the end of it all, that crispy, flakey outer rim serves as a perfect vehicle for your butter and jam.

photo 5



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