Boston Tea Stop: A Stop You Shouldn’t Miss

by Angela Yi ’19

Bubble tea – or “Boba” as we Californians call it – is an experience. It’s not just tea – it’s tea with chewy pearls of pure happiness. The drinks come with a cluster of tapioca pearls at the bottom and a fat straw so that you can drink in the pearls with your tea. The texture of the pearls combined with the sweetness of the tea just makes the drink simply perfect.


Picture 1


I had some mad cravings for some boba last weekend, and, to my fortune, I found out that there was a boba place very close to the Yard. Open from 12:30 PM – 11:30 PM and located on 54 JFK St., Boston Tea Stop is the place to go anytime after lunch.


Picture 2


The interior looks a little run-down, but that just adds to the homey atmosphere of the small café. And the random Street Fighter II arcade game in the back corner of the store just added to its charm.

Picture 3


There’s a good variety in the menu, which I definitely appreciate. There are the classic Milk Tea flavors, as well as unique Flavored and Blended options. But what got me very interested was their Mochi Ice Cream. I hadn’t tried that with my boba before, so I had to order one.

Picture 4


When I finally got to try my tea, my cravings for boba were satisfied. I got the Jasmine Gren Tea with Boba, and while I would have preferred my boba pearls to be bigger, I still enjoyed my tea. The Lychee Mochi Ice Cream was very difficult at first to actually bite through because they were basically frozen solid, but it was delicious once it melted a bit.

Picture 5

Overall, I’d recommend this place for both people who have had boba before, and for those who have not. The prices are definitely very reasonable, and the location couldn’t be better.

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