Basia’s Scoop (#1: Lizzy’s)

by Basia Rosenbaum ’18

Birthdays, a post-exam treat, summer nights. All perfect occasions for the best dessert there is: ice cream.

Ice cream and I have had a serious relationship since childhood (my mom even has compromising photos of my face smeared in chocolate to prove it). Vacations always include multiple trips to determine the best ice cream. High school was filled with nightly ice cream breaks. So, of course, ice cream was a priority when I came to Harvard. Check Crimson Crave weekly to see some of my favorites.

photo 5

You can’t beat the Lizzy’s location. And creative flavors are a plus—bringing out the inner child in all of us with chocolate cookie dough (because isn’t that the problem everywhere else—who wants vanilla cookie dough?) I went full childhood adding rainbow sprinkles on top and it was delicious.

photo 3

photo 4
Lying underneath: half chocolate cookie dough, half Columbian Fudge Avalanche

But Lizzy’s is one of those places where tasting matters. Ask for a sample, ask for two, because there are ways you can go wrong. The Columbian Fudge Avalanche (coffee with fudge and walnuts) was a great ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ kind of flavor. But I could have done without the Charles River Crunch (chocolate with almond toffee).

photo 2

In the spirit of Ben and Jerry’s-esque fun and creative flavors, Lizzy’s is a valuable asset to the Harvard Square ice cream scene. Look for the adorable cow mascot and grab a scoop.

photo 1
The traditional mint chocolate chip

Note: Basia will be publishing a Best of Boston Ice Cream series – check back for more next week!

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