DIY Ice Cream Cake

By Caroline Gentile ’17

My go-to birthday present for my friends is food.  More specifically, I like to give people ice cream cake.  To me, there is no better food combination than ice cream and cake!  While JP Licks offers delicious ice cream cakes, they tend to be on the more expensive side.  Behold, a recipe for an ice cream cake for which the ingredients can all be purchased at CVS and that can be made in your very own dorm room!

You’ll need:

2 boxes of vanilla ice cream sandwiches (12 bars)

Cool whip


Any cookie of your choice (I use Chips Ahoy)

Hershey’s chocolate sauce

A plate that will fit in your sad little dorm room freezer

A knife



Lay three ice cream bars next to each other on the plate. Using your knife, spread a nice, thick layer of Cool Whip over all three of the bars.  The Cool Whip may be a bit hard to spread, so let it sit out at room temperature for 10-15 minutes until it becomes more spreadable. Then, on top of the cool whip, layer crumbles of Oreos and/or other cookies of your choice.

Now, for the next layer: three more ice cream bars on top of the Cool Whip/cookie crumbles.  Then another layer of Cool Whip and cookie crumbles. Repeat with three more ice cream bars. Your cake should have three layers, with 9 ice cream bars.  You can attempt to make a four layer cake, but this is very ambitious, and such cakes tend not to fit in the typical, Harvard-approved freezers.

Once you have assembled all of your layers, cover the whole cake in Cool Whip.  On top of the cake, decorate with cookies and drizzle with chocolate sauce.  Enjoy!!

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