Behind the Counters of J.P. Licks

by Angela Yi ’19

One does not simply go to Harvard and never visit J.P. Licks. Conveniently located in Harvard Square, this famous ice cream store is a favorite of many Harvard students – and Sabrina Yates (Harvard ‘19) is no exception.


Sabrina began working at J.P. Licks on September 5th because she loves being busy. And the extra cash to support her love for eating out and shopping – and not to mention the 50% discount on ice cream all employees of J.P. Licks receive – certainly doesn’t hurt, either. And today, she gave us an exclusive insider look at what goes on behind the counters of J.P. Licks.


  1. What is the most annoying thing that customers do?

When people come in, and they just try a lot of flavors – one girl came in and tried three flavors and then just left without ordering anything. That’s problematic. And yesterday, someone came in and ordered a large with two toppings. And then when he checked out, he changed his mind and said he didn’t want it. That’s obnoxious, too, when you do that after we make an entire ice cream for you.

  1. Is there a secret menu?

No, but we have so many interesting delicacies that are unique to the J.P. Licks family that there’s no real need for a secret menu.

  1. But are there certain combinations of ice cream flavors and toppings that aren’t well known but definitely should be tried?

Everything’s good! Yesterday, I had oatmeal hard yogurt with caramel, and it was so good. No one eats it, but it’s so good that I just have it all the time.

  1. Is there anything at J.P. Licks that you would never try?

Rum Raisin. If you like alcohol, just drink alcohol. Don’t eat ice cream flavored like alcohol.

  1. What is it like working at J.P. Licks?

Working at J.P. Licks is a rewarding experience because you always make people happy. Except when there’re bratty kids, but that’s a different story. And my coworkers are cool and fun to talk to when there’s a lull in the service.

Apple Crips and Cookies ‘n’ Cake Batter, with almond topping.
  1. What does J.P. Licks really emphasize?

We really emphasize on making the customer happy. If someone has a nut allergy, we go in the back and get out a new spoon to scoop up the ice cream for them. All of our stuff is also made locally, so it’s only in the Boston-Cambridge area.